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An excellent education for all

Our School

We are very proud of St Andrews Primary School and the unique learning opportunities our pupils experience as they move from Nursery to P7.

Children and their learning is at the heart of everything we do at St Andrews, and we aim to provide opportunities for each child to realise their potential. The whole staff works very hard to make our school a happy and inclusive learning environment for our children to grow, encouraging them to develop tolerance and respect by celebrating difference and diversity.

As a learning community we are striving to develop partnerships with all stakeholders. We welcome your support in order to make these partnerships successful. We have a variety of ways of keeping you up to date with your child’s learning and progress including; Seesaw online learning journeys, homework, class newsletters, parent bulletins, parents evenings and the end of year report. All of these aim to share with you aspects of your child’s learning so that you have a clear idea of not only what they are learning but also how they are getting on.

Our school aims to be a happy and caring community where the relationship between adults and children, school and home, and school and the wider community are considered to be of special importance, and through this achieve our vision statement of: an excellent education for all.