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Learning Journals

St Andrews Learning Journals

What Are Learning Journals?

At St Andrews we want to encourage our pupils to:

  • discuss their learning with their teachers
  • to set meaningful and realistic targets
  • take ownership over their learning
  • to record their learning
  • to share their learning with their parents and families

To enable our pupils to achieve this aim we have enlisted the help of Seesaw Learning Journals!

What Is a Seesaw Journal?

Seesaw empowers pupils of any age to independently document what they are learning at school. Pupils capture learning with photos and videos of their work, or by adding digital creations. Everything gets organised in one place and is accessible to teachers from any device. Pupil work can be shared with parents. Seesaw gives pupils a real audience for their work and offers parents a personalised window into their child’s learning.

What our parents have said about our pupil learning journals

  • We love seesaw! It allows us to keep up to date with learning and discuss school news more effectively. Dad keeps up to date when working away.  So it’s a “star” from us!
  • My kids love that I know what they have been up to before they get home. Fantastic home/school link.
  • Great being able to see what my child has been doing on a daily basis. Fab for keeping parents informed and kids love it too!
  • We love seeing what the children are up to. It makes a big difference, helping start a conversation in the evenings.
  • My husband works away from home and it is a great way for him to keep up with what’s going on.
  • Absolutely fantastic – get to see my child’s work / progress, weekly not just at parent evenings etc.
  • I love see-saw so I can find out what the children do during the day and see them working with their friends.
  • See-saw is great! I really enjoy the class updates and seeing my children’s work.  Great to see them outside, in the classroom, at PE etc.  Makes you feel part of school life.