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An excellent education for all

Parent Council

Welcome to the Parent Council

The objectives of the Parent Council are: to develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils and to represent the views of parents on the education and welfare of pupils. Our role is to support and create a welcoming school that is inclusive for all parents and to promote relationships between the school, pupils, parents, carers and the wider community.

 A guide to Parent Council meetings

Our aims:

  • To benefit the school with the ideas, skills, knowledge and opinions of its members.
  • To decide what actions to take.
  • To come to decisions everyone is happy with.

These are the sort of things we get involved in:

  • Fundraising at school events – raffles, jar-jamborees, magic squares, spring fairs, bake sales.
  • School photographs.
  • Extracurricular activities – football, netball, badminton, clubs and societies.
  • Interviewing new staff.
  • School improvement and planning.
  • Organising social events – discos, Burn’s night supper, bingo.
  • Steering the school vision for excellence.
  • Point of contact for parents.
  • Maintenance of school grounds.

 These are the sort of things we have provided for the school:

  • Accelerated Reader funding.
  • Football and netball tournament entry fees.
  • Football training hall hire.
  • New iPads.
  • Coach and volunteer PVG checks.
  • Supporting the scrap store play pod.


Meeting do’s and don’ts

  1. Meeting time is valuable:
  • Please, arrive on time. If you are planning on being at the meeting and know you will be late, let someone know or send apologies if you are unable to attend.
  • Please, try to keep discussions to a reasonable amount of time. Be concise, listen and do not interrupt.
  • If you want a particular item on the agenda, please be present at the meeting or email the chair in advance with your comments.
  1. Meetings are facilitated by the chair who will ahead of time invite individuals to contribute to the agenda and then circulate this beforehand. The chair will ensure all members present have an opportunity to voice their opinion.
  1. The chair will lead the session and keep track of time aiming to complete meetings within one to one and a half hours.
  1. Where possible we will:
  • pass the last meetings minutes.
  • agree on the date of the next meeting.
  • prepare agenda for the next meeting.
  1. Occasionally issues will be decided through e-mails circulated to all members. E-mail addresses will be shared with members to facilitate communication, but will not be passed on without consent.


Minutes of meetings:

St Andrews Parent Council Meeting Minutes 12.11.19

St Andrews Parent Council AGM 19 Sept 2019 Minutes

Parent Council Chairpersons report Sept 19

St Andrews Parent Council minutes 19 September 2019

St Andrews Parent Council minutes 7 May 2019

St Andrews Parent Council Minutes May 2018

Parent Council Minutes March 2018

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Parent Council Minutes November 2017

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Parent Council Minutes 31.05.17

Parent Council Accounts 2016-2017

Parent Council Minutes of 09.11.16

Parent Council Minutes of 05.10.16

Parent Council Minutes 31.08.16

Parent Council AGM 01.06.16

Parent Council Constitution and Policy Documents

Parent Council Constitution

Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities Parent/Guardian information and responsibilities

Parent Council Members

Parent Council Members 2016-17

For more information on parental involvement and to find out about parents as partners in their children’s learning, please contact the school or visit the Parentzone website at .Information on parental involvement is also available on Orkney Islands Council’s website through the following link: