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An excellent education for all

Our Vision, Values and Aims

St Andrews Early Learning and Child Care Vision Values and Aims

‘An Excellent Education for all’

Here at St Andrews Nursery we work with our children, families, staff, partners and wider community to provide an inclusive, fair and stimulating learning environment for all.

We are proud of our learning community and it is our aim to:

  • Create a comfortable and stimulating learning environment both inside and out.
  • Create a sense of security and belonging for all within our school and wider community.
  • Enable all families and care givers to feel included and part of the setting.
  • Uphold the rights of the child and ensure all children feel valued, respected and included
  • Respect the uniqueness of each child and develop their independence and self-confidence as active learners.
  • Develop the self-confidence and resilience our children need to manage change.
  • Provide rich learning experiences through play to encourage and develop skills including literacy, numeracy and communication.
  • Develop the children’s awareness of diversity in the community and respect for each other’s values, beliefs and customs.
  • Self-evaluate to improve our learning community


School Vision Statement: Excellent education for all

Our values and aims are important to us at the school and they are detailed here.

To enable all to be become successful, confident, life-long learners and inspire a love of learning.

Our school will endeavour to provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment; and our school community will aspire to enable everyone to be all they can be.

To encourage children to operate as independent learners and thinkers.

We will provide our children with opportunities to develop their persistence to learn and improve; to feel secure and be able to take measured risks; to take on responsibility and review the results of their efforts; and to celebrate their role in the successes of the learning community.

To develop respect and understanding for each other within our school, local communities, and the wider world.

We will foster a community within which everyone is actively encouraged to show respect for one another and where the contribution of everyone’s views is valued.

To encourage children to value themselves and the environment.

We will provide a nurturing environment where we demonstrate care for ourselves and others. Our school community will foster a holistic approach to the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of all; and to encourage respect for the environment and the people in it.

To provide a relevant curriculum for all, which will support these aims and values.

Our school community, that is pupils, parents, staff and members of the local communities who support the school, will accept responsibility for ensuring that the needs of all are considered and supported, and their strengths built upon.